Engineering Process outsourcing (EPO) is subcontracting of engineering processes or work to a specialized company or to experts. The subcontracting is well established in engineering world from decades and now with the advancement in Information technology and global internet it is possible to outsource these works anywhere in the world.

Why EPO;

In today’s world, outsourcing or subcontracting is essential part of engineering design works. A single company cannot achieve excellence in every field of work, and therefore need specialized companies to outsource work. The engineering firms, without subcontractors are leaving behind main chunks of profit and losing concentration on main job.

Outsourcing/subcontracting is a viable option for meeting staffing needs. It is something that every firm should have in its toolbox to face the economy. Outsourcing has a positive impact on your revenue stream. As you do not have to have full time employees to meet this interim need, you have a reduction in costs, and stress. The stress and aggravation of “feeding the beast” is lessened. That is the management of staff solely by meeting billable hour goals, instead of meeting the needs of your clients and of the project. Remember you don’t manage a subcontractor by 40 hours per week for 52 weeks a year. You manage them by their performance of a task, within a certain budget and within a certain timeframe. It allows managers to focus more on important relationships. Technology is no longer a barrier. With cloud servers and web meetings all the old excuses of “It can’t be done” are virtually gone.

Why Us;

Water Wise is a values-based global organization providing customer-centric solutions to the highest standards of excellence, creating value to projects. We take the worry out of our client of acquiring and managing, systems and resources. No more buying expensive systems, software’s and paying for training staff on specialized software’s. We assure you to become a profit center to your enterprise, not a fixed cost – which it would be if you invested in all of that hardware, software and training. Saving these costs from your bid proposals means that you increase your chances of winning the project and ultimately increasing profit.

We always ensure that our services are;

  • Based on State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Fully compatible with recent Technology advances
  • Tailor-made and customized for the needs of our clients
  • Based on recent Research


Services Offered;

In general, we provide all the services listed on this website. The most favorite in our clients are;

  • Desk Studies; Feasibility and Environmental Studies
  • Reviews; Project Planning & Design
  • Project Management support and remote operations
  • Billing systems
  • 3D modeling, Visualization, walkthroughs, animations
  • Scanning, Digitizing and Data Conversion.
  • GIS and Mapping
    • ArcGIS (ESRI) based solutions
    • ERDAS Imagine
    • Photogrammetry
    • Survey and Map preparations and conversions
  • Mathematical Modeling services
    • Water Supply networks using WateCAD, Hammer, MIKE and EPAnet software’s
    • Sewerage Networks using SewerCAD, SewerGEM and SWMM etc.
    • Drainage networks using StormCAD, SewerGEM and SWMM etc.
    • Hydrological Modeling using HEC-HMS, HSPF and Basin etc.
    • River and Hydraulics using ID and 2D models like HEC-RAS, SMS and 2dFlow etc.
    • Wastewater Treatment Plants process using GPS-X
    • Treatment Plants Hydraulics using ARTS and Visual Hydraulics
  • Engineering Design, Drawings and CAD services