Watershed Analysis and Management

Our Hydrologists and Environmentalists have decades of experience of translating the remote sensing and field data into Crucial Watershed Management Knowledge!

We offer global geographic coverage for a wide range of watershed data and analysis services for the Engineering, Architectural and Construction Markets. We provide watershed analysis or hydrological reports for any part of Globe based on remote sensing / GIS data.

We use state-of-the-art technologies for watershed modeling and environmental investigations for water resource development, flood risk assessment and basin management. All comprehensive analysis reports are highly detailed, focus on specific site conditions, and are completed by meteorologists, hydrologists and environmentalists, with extensive experience in weather data analysis, environmental assessment and hydrological modeling.

To ensure the best possible service, we have developed customized hydrological modeling and analysis tools that allow our experts to focus on the details of specific needs of client and sensitivity of site and climate conditions. Our tools utilize advanced mathematical and geospatial techniques to detail the weather and terrain that, to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, occurred at a particular site.

Few of our Watershed analysis and Management services are:

  • Historical Weather and climate data Analysis for return periods
  • Base Flow modeling of rivers and streams
  • Stream or lake condition assessment
    • Assessment of water resource sustainability
    • Environmental impact analysis
  • Flood plain modeling and flood risk assessment
    • Floodway encroachment studies
    • Floodway delineation and mapping
  • Hydraulic modeling
    • Bridge and culvert hydraulic design
  • Reservoir design and improvements
  • Dam and its improvements design
    • Dam safety engineering
    • Dam regulatory permitting
    • Dam critical flood studies
    • Dam emergency action plans
    • Dam operation maintenance and inspection plans
  • Assessment of Climate or Environmental Impact on watersheds / basins
  • Planning and design of mitigation plan or watershed management system
  • Geospatial Analysis and Mapping of Ecosystem