Water Wise always include value engineering in its planning, Design and project management services. Our optimized Project management and modern modeling based value engineering go side by side to make project successful, sustainable, and effective.



    Our Engineers and Project Managers have more than 20years experience in project planning, management and supervision. We are Expert in computer based activity and resource allocation and scheduling. We perform following activities, analysis and services to assist our clients to manage projects effectively.

    • Project Management
      • Making Engineering Decisions based on sound engineering practices, cost effectiveness and target time schedule
      • Protecting project interests
    • Contract administration
      • Pre-qualifications of specialized consultants and contractors
      • Tender Evaluation
      • Prepare contract for consultants and contractors
      • Ensuring adherence to time lines for on-time completion of projects
      • Ensure quality control
      • Selection of materials and building / construction equipment
      • Full time resident supervision of the construction works including piling works and superstructure
      • Factory inspection of plant, equipment, and materials
    • Operational and Maintenance (O&M) contracts & Production of Manuals



    At Water Wise our core team has more than 20 years’ experience of value management / engineering. We adopt a dynamic process focusing the collective wisdom of multidisciplinary experts, which systematically defines common objectives, functionally prioritizes what needs to be done and then creatively identify how best to achieve the targeted results. We Apply Value Engineering in various circumstances, including;

    • Project Management
      • Project Risk analysis
      • Strategic Decision Making
      • Cost Improvement – procurement planning
    • Project Planning and design
      • Technical Decision Making
      • Improvement in process
    • Project – end user Interacts or Project – Public interact
      • Improving efficacy and viability
      • Improving acceptability and adaptability
    • Team Building (with strategic alignment)


    To assist decision makers with project planning, design, enhancements, rehabilitation and/or effective budgeting, Water Wise provide a variety of in-house, value-engineering services to optimize results and control costs before installing a single nail in the earth. We utilize mathematical, analytical, statistical and 3-D computer modeling to predict and analyze real world scenarios.

    Most commonly, the 3-D topographical model is used to take “virtual tours” of the site and view it in its final form based on either existing conditions or future modifications. 3D modeling give more realistic understanding of site than simple 2D contours and elevation maps, as it give feelings of actually being there. It also help in budgeting and project planning.

    Mathematical modeling in water sector has provided major help and understanding of complex natural phenomena that was previously not possible. We provide computer simulations of the project and its functioning so that the engineers and client can make better decision.