The Water Wise is a research intensive consulting firm which prides itself on the excellence and relevance of its work with the given assignment. It was founded (About a decade back) by an expert with an extensive experience of more than 23 years in Hydrology, Water Resources Management, Water Treatment and related works.

The main idea of this organization is to bring together the brilliance of many such experts serving as our valued members not as conventional ‘staffed office’. This has resulted in the formation of a consulting and knowledge sharing organization with a formidable range of expertise, and this unique combination makes Water Wise a very attractive place to acquire knowledge. We are an organization of researchers, engineers, designers, planners, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. Through our work, we deliver technologically efficient and cost effective solutions to our clients to meet their project needs. Our ambition is to make a positive difference in the world.

We are registered with prestigious engineering and research organization like Pakistan Engineering council, and American water works association, etc. We have worldwide scope of activities.





Our Clients are consulting and contracting companies, Research organizations, Government and Non Government Organizations

Water is our Market in particular but we also do all allied works like,           Project Management, infrastructure development, Energy and Environment Our partners are companies and individuals, providing state of the art technology solutions and designs. Excellence in the field is prerequisite to become our partner. We do not call “staff”, the people work for us we call them “Members”. We have state-of-the-art virtual office where members dock there machines from every corner of the globe.