Hydrogeology is a part of hydrology that principally covers distribution and movement of ground water in soil and rock layers, commonly in aquifers. Our team covers all aspects of groundwater investigation; from large scale field tests and monitoring services to laboratory analyses, modelling and designing. Our spectrum of services and expertise are as follows.

  • Expert assessment of water resources, field campaigns
  • Geophysical groundwater prospection
  • Geophysical Monitoring System (GMS)
  • Well design, construction supervision and inspection
  • Water supply wells maintenance and rehabilitation plan
  • Design of dewatering systems.
  • Pump tests and Monitoring (Planning and execution of pump out tests / Aquifer Test)
  • Interpretation of pump-out test data and evaluation of aquifer parameters.
  • Installation and development of tube-wells.
  • Ground Water Modeling
  • Laboratory analyses etc.
  • We have expertise in software’s like MODFLOW, Aquifer Test etc.
Software Usage / Details

Visual MODFlow pro

Ground water modeling and analysis


Combined GIS and ground water modeling

Aquifer Test Pro

Well testing model


Ground water modeling and analysis


Subsurface drainage modeling

FAST Well Test

Pumping Test modeling