Our Engineers and Hydrologists have expertise in both hydrological and hydraulic modeling with the added assistance of GIS experts. Our repertoire extends to modeling of both small watersheds to large basins depending on the expected outcomes. Our spectrum of services and expertise are as follows.

  • Meteorological Data analysis and modelling
  • Water Shed and Basin Modelling
  • River and Stream base flow and storm modelling
  • Reservoirs i.e. ponds and lakes modelling
  • Dams and Weirs Modelling
  • Storm and Flood assessment and protection planning
  • Urban and Large catchment Drainage System design
  • Expertise in software’s
Software Usage / Details
HEC-1 Hydrological Modeling
HEC-2 Water Surface Calculations
HEC-HMS Rainfall runoff Model
TR20 & 55 Rainfall runoff Model
WMS Combined GIS and Water shed modeling software
BASIN -idem-
STORM CAD Urban runoff model combined with hydraulic network
SWMM -idem-
XP-SWMM -idem-
HEASTED Pond Pack Reservoir / lake / Pond design and analysis tool
HEC-6 Erosion and sedimentation calculation
SMS Combined GIS and surface water 2D model
Flow-2D 2D surface water Modeling
RiverFlow-2D 2D surface water modeling of rivers
Flow3D 3D water modeling
HEC-RAS River System Modeling
HEC-ResPRM -idem-
Kanako 2D 2D hydraulic model
Flow Master Open channel design tool
FHWA HY-8 Culvert Design Tool
Ansys CFD modeling