We are not based on few experts having limited knowledge instead we have an open source of experts, best in their fields spread all over the planet earth. We only work with the best, and we are never short as our sources are always open.

  • Research

    We keep on exploring solutions either in real world or in the virtual world of modeling. We support our team members in research and acquisition of technology. We have a very large digital library of recent and old research work. We are so knowledge thirsty; we work for free if the project is interesting, and we are getting knowledge out of it.

  • Modeling & Simulation Software

    We use most advance modeling software’s, and it’s our real strength. We are expert in hydrological, hydraulic, water supply and sewage networks, treatment plants and CFD modeling. We have hundreds of customization routines for modeling software’s. Our virtual modeling space is always close representative of the real world.

  • Adaptability

    We always remain in contact with people from different corners of the world. We are highly adoptable in local environment. Our desk will reach wherever you have your Project.

  • Project management

    We have most advance software and hardware setup to support our experienced project managers.

  • Water and Material Labs

    We are equipped with field labs to better study and manage the Project.